Teams, Coalitions, Federations, etc are required to win in a complex world. Make no mistake, this is exactly what the US and our allies have been doing since 9-11. Three years ago I was in the Red Sea on an Italian ship exchanging professional opinions on what it takes to maintain peace from the Gulf of Aden up to the Suez Canal. The relationships that have been forged, the camaraderie shared between the forces of freedom and the everlasting determination to keep peace where it will never naturally occur are quite likely the greatest benefits our world has ever received. We need to wake up each day and remind ourselves what a beautiful world it is that we all share. A core function of a good Christian is to lift up those around you. This function is shared by many other religions as well. Our collective energies should be applied toward the positive we see in others as individuals. Nationally, we should continue to apply this ethic to one another’s culture, political perspective, or point of view on any potentially polarizing issue. Internationally, we must continue the hard work of pulling peoples and governments together for the welfare of future generations. I’m proud of the work we have done for the past 17 years and believe completely that the intangible successes of our efforts will be realized for decades to come.
– Colonel (R) Darrell W. Dement