Our Services

Dement Desiderata offers a broad range of services, focusing on Business and Employee Development, and Property Management.

Strategic Business Consulting

So your company has yet to craft a sound strategic plan. We can facilitate this process. We are here to translate your vision into actionable objectives that will ensure your company stays on the right path. Success, organizational alignment and shared purpose are best achieved through the development of a thorough strategic plan. We have thirty years of experience helping all sizes of organizations piece together the blueprint to a more profitable future.

Property Management

We help clients manage and maintain their rental properties. Currently, we manage and own three listings in Rockport, Texas. Listing information below.

Best Catch Cottage – HomeAway.com #4653029

Best Catch Stilt House- HomeAway.com #4823308

Best Catch Cottage/Stilt- Como Loco- HomeAway.com #4846054

Bookings through VRBO and Airbnb

Team Building Workshops

Is your team lethargic, lacking the energy they once displayed? We can motivate and improve your team’s performance. We offer motivational seminars that will offer advice that will in turn re-invigorate the members of your staff to once again take pride in themselves, in one another, and in the work they are doing.

Employee Development

Many companies want to transition dedicated hourly employees to a more managerial role, but their experience in leadership is just lacking. We offer a twelve-step program that can give your employees the skills they need to better manage the actions of others and grow gracefully into the successful leaders your company needs.

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