The Dement Desiderata Team

Our team offers a variety of skills, from timeless strategies and skills gained from over 30 years of experience in both the private and government sector to the latest techniques using modern business technology.

Darrell Dement

Darrell Dement

Chief Executive Officer

Hello, thank you so much for a taking a minute of your time to allow me to introduce myself and welcome you to our company. I am Darrell Dement, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Owner of Dement Desiderata. I bring over 30 years of experience from both the private and government sector with proven results in both. I hold both a Master’s in Strategic Studies and a Master’s in Business Administration. But, experience and education mean nothing if I cannot continue to deliver value to you. It is my aim to ensure you receive the best solution for your company. We are a boutique consulting agency that strives to provide world class professional services to our clients no matter how big or small. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon. 



Allie Dement

Allie Dement

Chief Financial Officer

Hi, I am Allie Dement, I’m a graduate of Sam Houston State in Mathematics. Note, I’m much smarter than my husband who thinks he is running this company. I’ve served the Great State of Texas as a math teacher in Public Education for more than 15 years. Like Darrell, I am committed to ensuring we identify your true needs and provide you with the right solution that is just the right size and scope to meet your needs. We are not here to oversell or convince you to purchase anything that you don't want or need. Our initial assessment with you is always free of charge. We like to get to know you and want you to feel comfortable knowing us before we embark on any journey together. Our solutions are extremely scalable and will be designed to fit your unique set of circumstances.


Dylan Dement

Dylan Dement

Chief Strategy Officer

Hi, I'm Dylan Dement and the youngest member of our team. I’m a graduate of the University of Texas at Dallas where I hold a degree in Global Business and Business Administration. As the CSO, I can assist you with formulating strategic plans in concert with your existing strategies and goals. I also have experience in online marketing, creating engaging content, website design and social media. I'd be glad to work with you to help you build your online presence, design and build a new website, develop online ad campaigns, integrate social media accounts into your business, and more. Let’s make good things happen together.

Contact: or 281-851-8503

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