Addressing and facilitating The Adjutant General’s Leadership Development Seminar today was a great honor. The Majors, Lieutenant Colonels, Sergeant’s Majors and Civilians from the Army, Air and Executive Director departments are cut from the finest cloth in our state and nation. They are proven leaders in their specialities. They are set to become the future senior leaders of our program over the next decade.

We discussed a few recent historical events in Texas that offered unique opportunities for our current leaders to rise up and demonstrate the kind of metal from which they are made. No one expected for the Space Shuttle to explode, much less that we’d be called upon to find and deliver 7 astronauts to their final resting place. No one anticipated the events on 9-11-2001. Yet, by 9-13 we had filled our airports with armed guardsman and women at-the-ready. Our nation’s people were up and flying again. And, we didn’t anticipate placing a 1,000 Soldiers and Airmen on our Texas Border in under 30 days and keeping them their indefinitely.

Although, individuals may not be fully prepared for the next crisis; challenges will be overcome by our deeply steeped collective knowledge. I cannot predict what their specific moment will be bring, but I can say it will come suddenly, without warning and they will feel initially ill-prepared. When that moment arrives, when it is their turn-at-the-plate, I’m fully confident they will over-deliver on the results and continue to retain our public trust. The men and women of our state can sleep comfortably knowing the Texas Military stands ready to do whatever is necessary to protect their safety and deliver comfort and compassion on demand.